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Basics: dashboard & project pages

Here you will find the most important information so that you can successfully navigate the platform. 

Your dashboard

Find an overview of all your projects and their most important key points on your dashboard.


1 Projects tab

Overview of your active projects, new projects (visual creator)/project drafts (client) as well as all completed and cancelled projects.


2 New message

Check both chats under conversations on the project page to see your new messages.


3 Action required

It’s your turn to work on the project - check the project page for more details.


4 No action bar

There are currently no tasks for you to complete - the VC, the client or Fairpicture is working on the project.

Your project page

On the project page you will find all information concerning your project. 


1 Status overview

This shows the phase of your current project.


2 Your tasks right now

Complete this action in order to move on in the project.


3 Project details

A summary of the most important information of your project.


4 Conversations

There are two chats for communication during the assignment - chat with the Creator/Client & Fairpicture, or with Fairpicture only throughout the project.


5 Project history

Check the project history to see what happened when, or if you’re not sure where the project’s at.