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Post-production guidelines

Fairpicture stands for authentic, powerful and dignified visual storytelling. We aim to achieve this by: 

a) Delivering stories instead of single snapshots.

b) Requiring a model release for every person portrayed. 

c) Embedding extensive metadata into every image.

Please carefully read the post-production guidelines to ensure that these standards are fulfilled before uploading the photos and videos. Without the required information, the visuals will not be delivered to the client.

If you have any questions, please contact us.


Good storytelling is essential for powerful and authentic communication. Providing visual stories instead of isolated images is a key service of Fairpicture. 

  • Please take your time during post-production to suggest stories. It’s the stories that make the difference! 
    Find inspiration here:
  • While it is good to have a look at the brief again to see what the client expects, don't comply at risk of losing an amazing story. Tell the story through your eyes! 
  • Use the “Title” field in the metadata to group images into stories. 

Specific deliverables photography

Unless otherwise specified in the brief, we require the following for every project:

  • 30 selected images per shooting day, structured into stories wherever possible
  • Each photograph must contain the required metadata. 
  List of IPTC metadata fields


  • Resolution: high resolution JPG with 300 ppi 
  • Upload image material via Canto, upload link provided by Fairpicture
  • Signed model release for every person portrayed close-up as PDF
    Find more information here: 
  Consent Guidelines


  • We prefer quality to quantity. Please select the photos you transmit to us. It will be easier for the client to recognize your skills when they get 30 great photos instead of 100 mediocre ones.

Specific deliverables: video

Video products have to be specified in the brief as the formats and results differ for our different products (Footage / Ready-to-Use-Clips / Mini-Documentary). Generally, every project requires the following: 

  • Clean audio recordings. Always work with an external microphone while recording. 
  • Each video must contain the required metadata:
  List of IPTC metadata fields


  • Signed consent form for every person filmed close-up as PDF. Find more information here:
  Consent Guidelines


  • Footage 
    • At least 30 minutes per production day.
    • The recorded footage is cut to the extent that all usable scenes will be transmitted to the client (cut out camera settings, repetitions, etc.).
    • The footage is grouped into bins via the ‘Title’ field in the metadata as indicated in the brief by the client or if no indications have been made according to our standard IPTC metadata requirements.
  • Fully produced videos
    • We generally expect a rough cut, fine cut and final version of the video.
    • The rough cut and fine cut can be delivered in compressed Full HD (.mp4).
    • The final cut needs to be delivered according to the resolution and format requirements of the brief.
    • Fully produced videos include sound design, colour grading and the integration of eventual subtitles and/or other templates from the client such as lower third bands, logos, etc.

Please deliver all your videos via the Canto, upload link provided by Fairpicture.

  • Exception: 
    If large amounts of uncompressed footage (exceeding 30 minutes in total) are expected according to the brief:
    • Preliminary delivery via the Canto upload link provided by Fairpicture as compressed Full HD (.mp4) files.
    • After approval from Fairpicture, delivery via hard-drive directly to the client. Please plan this and communicate the expected costs in advance.

Naming conventions

Before uploading, please name all files according to the following naming conventions:

Photo naming convention: 

  • Project ID_Fairpicture_ascending photo number.jpg
  • Example: 128_Guatemala_Fairpicture_001.jpg

Video naming convention: 

  • Project ID_Fairpicture_ascending video number_distinction between b-roll / interviews.mp4
  • Example: 128_Guatemala_Fairpicture_001_broll.mp4
  • Example: 128_Guatemala_Fairpicture_001_interview.mp4

Consent form naming convention: 

  • Full name of the person_CF_Project ID_Fairpicture.pdf
  • Example: Anna_Example_CF_128_Guatemala_Fairpicture.pdf

In cases where children are included on the consent form, please annotate them as following:

  • Full name of the person signing (name of children in parentheses)_CF_Project ID_Fairpicture.pdf
  • Example:  Anna Example (Miguel Example; Nata Example)_CF_128_Guatemala_Fairpicture.pdf