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IPTC metadata example

Fairpicture follows the IPTC standards ( and always requires the following metadata for each photo and video.

Without the metadata, the visuals will not be delivered to the client.
Check out our tutorials if you need help editing the metadata.

  Metadata tutorial for Adobe Suite   Metadata tutorial for Canto

Meta field



Creator / Author

Name of the visual creatorAugusta Wind


Try to sort your visuals into stories by giving all files belonging to the same visual story the same title.

The Story of Ray O’Sun

Impressions of the Waterlily District

Description / Caption / Abstract


1. Describe in the present tense WHO is pictured (full name, age, role) and WHAT is going on in the photo.

2. Give context to the event and/or describe WHY the photo is significant.

Ray O’Sun (71) belongs to the Nimble Cane Club (Older Persons Association). He lives with his wife and grandchildren. He is tuning through the radio stations. 
Involvement in a drainage project allowed him to buy some solar panels that provide electricity for his house. Those panels make it possible for the family to charge their phones and also listen to the radio daily. 

Description / Caption / Abstract


1. Describe in the present tense WHO is filmed close-up (full name, age, role) and WHAT is going on within the scene.

2. Give context to the event or describe WHY the scene is significant.

Indicate timestamps if more than one scene is being filmed.

00:00-01:32: Aida Sea (27) of the We Are Here  Organisation visits Norma Mountain (62) at her home in River Town in the Forest Province. Aida Sea brings along food and helps with chores. The women chat and eat together. These visits are important to Norma, as she has been living alone for several years.

01:32- 02:54: Aida Sea and Norma Mountain  carry out gardening work. Norma treasures her garden.

02:54-04:32: Aida Sea and Norma Mountain talk with a friend on the phone and bake. Norma Mountain is walking on the street & going about daily activities.

04:32-04:47: Close-up of Norma Mountain inside the house

Country / Region


State / Province

State/ProvinceForest Province


Greater area/CityRiver Town


Exact locationWaterlily District

Name of Organisation Shown

(Local) Partner Organisation / ProjectNimble Cane Club / We Are Here

Credit Line

Name Visual Creator/


Augusta Wind / We Are Here / Fairpicture

Person Shown

Name(s) of the person(s) shown close-up with age in parenthesesRay O’Sun (71)

Copyright Notice

©year, Name Visual Creator, All Rights Reserved©2021 Augusta Wind, All Rights Reserved

Copyright Status

Select “copyrighted” on drop-down listChoose “Copyrighted”

Model Release Status

Select correct status from drop-down list

“Unlimited Model Releases” 
(model release available)
“Not Applicable” 
(no model release required)

“Limited or Incomplete Model Releases” (model release limited or not available)

Model Release Identifier

Select on drop-down list- “Available in Fairpicture model release database” for all files where model releases are available.
“No consent for situational reasons” for all files where situational reasons (security, specific event) didn’t allow consent to be obtained


Drop-down list (in Canto)

“Client images”
all image material

- “Client written document”

all written documents (exp. written products)

- “Model Releases”

all consent forms

Rights Usage Terms

Fairpicture Terms & ConditionsCopyright and rights of use according to Fairpicture Terms & Conditions:


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