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Client: Swiss TPH

Date: June 2022

Photographer: Alice Kayibanda

Location: Rubavu, Rwanda

It is pictures that shape our perception of the world.


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Fairpicture connects you with visual creators all over the world through a global network, innovative visual approaches, and a connecting technology. On the Fairpicture platform, you define where and when you need visual stories and collaborate with a photographer or a video journalist. Together with a global network of remarkable visual creators, let's unleash the transformative power of visual communication.


We believe in collaborative thinking and action

We move in an exciting field with many challenges. Together with the visual creators, clients, and investors, we test boundaries, stay complexity-aware, and inspire each other. Learn more about what we have to say and how you can participate.

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Client: SwissTPH

Date: December 2021

Photographer: Justin Makangara

Location: Kisantu, DRC

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Client: Fairtrade Germany

Date: November 2021

Photographer: Nipah Dennis

Location: Fanteakwa, Ghana

The power of fair and safe pictures

The Global South is more than hunger, poverty, and reliance on help. It is a place of creativity, buzzing activity, and a desire to shape things. We want to change this perception. Image after image - because it is images that shape our perception of the world.

Dignified and respectful images that do not serve clichés are contextualized and do no harm. This is our ultimate goal.

Our mission