Teboho Thabang (name changed), 14 years of age. He is pictured at his residental home and his dream aspiration is to become a medical doctor and professional footballer. Picture: MPUMELELO BUTHELEZI /FAIRPICTURE

Locally sourced pictures and video for ethical communication

Tell powerful stories about your brand, projects and initiatives easily - while being fair to the people depicted, creatives, and your community.

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Client: Solidarmed

Date: May 2023

Visual Creator: Mpumelelo Buthelezi

Location: Johannesburg, South Africa

Brands and organisations we work with:

Brands and organisations Fairpicture works with – International Trade Center, Care, GIZ and many more
Brands and organisations Fairpicture works with – Fairtrade, Saferworld, Pakka and many more

Learn more about our work through the latest video and photo assignments with selected clients:

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Connect with local photographers, videographers and journalists

From Nepal to Ghana, South Africa to Peru, Fairpicture gives you easy and fast access to a global network of professional visual creators, when and where you need them. Whether working on your latest campaign or responsibility report, save resources by letting us help you find the right local freelancer for your production and streamline the production processes. Our community’s clear representation and ethical production guidelines are actively improving the status quo in the visual industry - and align with your impact values. 


Learn from our community

Together with international clients and local photographers and videographers, we create fair custom content and explore new ways of storytelling. In our Story Lab, you will find examples of projects that have an impact and learn about how we as an organization are evolving. It is also the place where we gather theoretical background on what fair visual communication actually means.

Case Studies & More


Client: Arthur Waser Ghana

Date: September 2020

Photographer: Nipah Dennis

Location: Kukurantumi, Ghana

Fairpicture visual creators around the globe

Professional and local photo- and videographers from more than 60 countries

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Efficient, fast and ethical – Fairpicture is your partner in compelling visual storytelling.

Paolo Maido, 18, standing one of his families coconut trees

Client: International Trade Center

Date: November 2021

Photographer: Alecs Ongcal

Location: Quezon, Philippines

We believe in the power of visual communication to make the world a fairer place

Not only unfair, stereotypical and discriminatory images are a business risk for organisations. We want to change the perception of the Global South – image after image – by producing and promoting fair visual communication that does justice to everyone: the visual creators, the people depicted, the public, and our clients.  

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