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Discover the diverse Fairpicture team from five continents, our board members, partners and over 180 photographers and videographers dedicated to fair storytelling. We won't get too far without the respective others. Our conviction is: we are all in this together. 

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Anna von Sury
“Fairpicture links fair business relations with fair communication and relies on the values of equality, inclusion and solidarity.”
Anna’s works are as solid as a rock. No matter how complicated an assignment is, she manages it. Besides that, she develops Fairpicture strategically.
Software Development
Hazem Abdelhafez
“As the development team lead at Fairpicture, I am deeply invested in our mission to dismantle cultural stereotypes by presenting authentic and truthful depictions of diverse cultures."
Hazem is a dedicated Development Team Lead and software enthusiast, committed to advancing his career and making a meaningful impact in the world.
Community Management
Pamela Stathakis
“There are so many excellent local visual creators, everywhere in the world. By trusting their professionalism and working with them, we create opportunities.”
Pamela is one of the Co-Founders and is building Fairpicture’s global network of visual creators. She knows how important and skilled local partners are.
Software Development
Ziyad Taher
“Following my journey in the ever evolving world of tech, Fairpicture gave me the opportunity to follow my passion in programming & technology in a positively impacting way.”
Ziyad is an enthusiastic web developer who works on improving Fairpicture platform & rebuilding the website.
Daniela Hächler
“What we see with our eyes is always subjective. Fairpicture brings this into public awareness.”
Daniela is responsible for the production of photography and video assignments – making life a little easier for our visual creators as well as our clients.
Jörg Arnold
Finances & Sales
Jörg Arnold
“Our image of reality determines our actions of tomorrow. That's why it is vital that we resist using stereotypical and manipulative pictures and videos.”
Co-Founder Jörg is the driving force that launched Fairpicture. He is involved in strategic development, finance and consulting.
Community Management
Rosa Panggabean
“When Fairpicture contacted me, the platform had already worked with several female photographers – all trustworthy people who want to make a difference with their photography.”
Rosa Panggabean is a photographer based in Jakarta, Indonesia. For her, visual storytelling has a power of its own, making people feel connected to certain topics and evoking memories.
Consulting & Training
Miša Krenčeyová
“Working for global and social justice by looking at the world - and ourselves - through new lenses: that's Fairpicture.”
Miša is the backbone of Fairpicture's consulting assignments and mastermind behind Fairpicture's Theory of Change.
Software Development
Fahed Nassar
“Fairpicture challenges stereotypes, promotes diversity, and enables fair and ethical representation of people and places around the world.”
Fahed is a software developer and part of the Fairpicture dev team. He has a passion for coding and design, and he enjoys working on projects that have a positive social impact.
Operations & Sales
Daniel Caspari
“I am convinced that it takes local visual creators to change our perception of the Global South and I feel honored to work with Fairpicture towards this goal.”
As an experienced communications strategist and video expert, Daniel continues to develop Fairpicture's video division.
Consulting & Development
Noah Arnold
“With the Fairpicture community, we advocate for visual imagery that does justice to everyone.”
With his background in human rights and visual communication, Noah works on consulting and training projects and business development.
Community Management
Tendai Marima
“Fairpicture seeks to tell powerful stories about the world we live in and unlike past historical narratives where subjects lacked agency, the core aim of Fairpicture is to change the power dynamic and give a fairer, more ethical representation of people and these values resonate with me.”
Tendai is an experienced photographer and video producer and Fairpicture’s Scouting and Community Accelerator for East and Southern Africa.
Software Development
Yasmine Nader
“As a passionate full-stack developer eager to learn more technologies and keep pace with the times, I now have the opportunity to innovate and grow further.”
Yasmine is a part of the development team that is responsible for the enhancement of the Fairpicture website and platform.
Development & Sales
Aurel Vogel
“Images influence the way we think of the world. That’s why it’s important that they come from the people whose stories we are telling.”
Co-Founder Aurel develops Fairpicture’s FairConsent app and provides support for our clients.
Software Development
Amelie Pehl
“Every innovation needs a technological stage on which it can take place. How great that we set the stage for so many unique stories.”
Amelie is responsible for our digital business processes to improve the collaboration between creators and clients.
Marketing & Sales
N'Deane Helajzen
“Fairpicture provides space and opportunity for local voices to be empowered to tell their own stories resulting in authentic communication products rich in socio-cultural understanding.”
An anthropologist and photographer N’Deane is responsible for our marketing and supports the development of co-creative business opportunities.
Community Management
Morena Pérez Joachin
“I love to create community and being surrounded by talents and visual creators around Latin America inspires and motivates me to grow, believe and create.”
Morena is part of the Latin American Scouting and Community Accelerator at Fairpicture, she has been producer, documentalist and storyteller in the region.

Voices from our community

We were really impressed by the quality of photos and video we received for the DEC, as were our member charities. Thank you Fairpicture team! We knew we were in safe hands having worked with you before, but it was great to see everything go so smoothly and sensitively on the day.


Laura Gilmore

Disasters Emergency Committee DEC

As an international aid organization, it is important for CARE to document and visualize our work in 100 countries worldwide. Fairpicture enables CARE to show its humanitarian work as seen through the eyes of a local professional. The extensive network of female photographers is another plus because women and girls are core to the mission of CARE's global work.


Dr. Andrea Barschdorf-Hager


Fairpicture is an organisation that allows me, as a visual creator, to fulfil my mission of serving communities around the world in general and those in my country in particular.


Fabrice Mbonankira


Curiosity and an openness to particular conditions and projects, together with a visual language that is likewise outstanding and consistent in our media presentation - this is what characterizes our cooperation with Fairpicture and the local visual creators. Especially these aspects and the collaboration with local - and many female – content creators with their expertise and skills makes it so valuable for us.

katharina-franziskander_quer (1)

Katharina Kolano

Franziskaner helfen

Although I love to visit our fantastic water projects in the Global South, it makes so much more sense to employ creative people within those countries to support our storytelling while we make a contribution to the local economy and avoid unnecessary flights and CO2 emissions.


Anne Bisgaard Christensen

Grundfos Foundation

It has been an absolute pleasure working with you and the entire Fairpicture team. Your appreciation means a lot to me, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to contribute to our shared goals. Looking forward to working more together.

Self Photo

Farzana Akhtar


Our community of creatives

Photographers, videographers, editors and journalists from more than 80 countries

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact us if you need photos or videos from a country not on the map yet we’ll activate our network!

Board of directors

Board member
Eugenia Balysheva
Eugenia is a photographer and CEO of the start-up Dotphoton and will assist Fairpicture with business development and technical development.
Board member
Medinat Malefakis
Medinat teaches at the Center for Development and Cooperation in Zurich. She will focus on supporting Fairpicture in the development of the impact goals.
Board member
Stephan Essi Fischer
Essi is an experienced entrepreneur and will support Fairpicture as an investor representative in business development
Board member
Martina Caroni
Martina is a professor of international law at the University of Lucerne and will support Fairpicture in the legal field.
Jörg Arnold
Board member
Jörg Arnold
Jörg, Co-Founder of Fairpicture functions as the chairperson of the Board of Directors.

These organizations, along with a slew of others, are there to support us. Thank you so much for your support.

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