Photo and Video Production

Photographs, video footage, fully-produced videos - all fairly produced by local visual creators. Fairpicture delivers you fair and outstanding content for innovative visual communication. 

Photo Production

Photography remains the cornerstone of visual communication websites, social media, annual reports, or fundraising campaigns. Secure impactful and ethical photo production for your projects with world-class local photographers, ensuring dignity in photos that tell your story powerfully. With our transparent pricing structure, easily calculate your estimated costs for capturing authentic impact stories.

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Key facts

  • includes a minimum of two days of production on site 
    and one day for post production
  • with approved consent of the people depicted
    and all metadata in place (IPTC conform)
  • uploaded on the Fairpicture platform to easily download 
    or share collections with stakeholders

from CHF 1,900.-

Additional services

Get further information about the protagonists by adding an additional service product directly in your request. You can choose from the following options:


Deeper context & quotes

Additional information about the protagonists and quotes embedded in the metadata description of your visuals


Interviews or Life Stories

Get up to 3 DIN A4 pages of life stories or interviews to accompany your visuals



A written ready-to-use report including the topics of your choice edited by a professional journalist. Scope: 6,000-8,000 characters (3-4 Din A4 pages)

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Video Footage Production

Ethical video production by local Fairpicture videographers, who visit your project site to capture impactful video footage based on your brief. This includes interviews with project participants, local staff, and recording b-roll scenes for editing besides the primary footage. You'll receive the best scenes, complete with all relevant metadata in IPTC form, for your post-production needs.

Client: Swiss Red Cross
Visual Creator: Danil Usmanov
Location: Chui Province, Kyrgyzstan

Key facts

  • Video material as originally filmed
  • Edited best scenes if requred
  • RAW files via download-link or on hard-drive

from CHF 2,500.-

Ready-to-use Video Clips

Social media requires ever-changing and visually striking content. With ready-to-use clips, you can quickly and seamlessly satisfy your online communities’ expectations. Co-create with a Fairpicture videographer to tailor-make not just a single clip but an entire impact video story. Each piece will be tailored for the social media platform of your choosing, ensuring your videos not only engage but also resonate ethically with your audience.

Client: Fairtrade Italy / Alce Nero
Visual Creator: Omar Quezada Beltran
Location: Piura, Peru

Key facts

  • Clip(s) for social media
  • Optimised for a social media channel of your choice
  • Fully produced and uploaded on the Faipicture platform

from CHF 3,500.-

Mini Video Documentary

In five minutes or less, our mini video documentaries distill the core values of your organization, company, or project, bringing them to life through vivid examples and ethical storytelling. Produced with the narrative depth and structure of a feature-length video documentary but reduced to the most important elements, these video products are your perfect fit for impact reporting or a digital communication campaign.

Client: Digger Foundation
Visual Creator: Saobora Narin
Location: Battambang province, Cambodia

Key facts

  • Short form documentary
  • From 2 minutes to maximum 5 minutes
  • Fully produced and uploaded on the Fairpicture platform

from CHF 4,800.-

Impacts - Community-based storytelling

Yes, your project makes a difference! Our “Impacts” videos are the living proof. Entertaining, at first hand and ongoing. Based on community-centered storytelling approaches, these videos are personal reports from the communities who benefit from your work. They speak directly to your audience, head and shoulders are shown on the screen. On site, in the environment where your activities take place. Once established and all stakeholders empowered, “Impacts” are your way to implement ethical storytelling principles easily and efficiently into your communication strategy.

Key facts

  • Short video messages in selfie style (speaker holding the camera) 
  • Published in portrait format and published via Newsroom AI
  • Fully produced on an ongoing basis

from CHF 3,500.-

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Case studies


June 2024 - Naturland – Association for Organic Farming e.V.

Visual promotion material for agroforestry systems

Video and photos on the promotion of agroforestry practices in organic coffee farming in East Africa.

Learn more about Visual promotion material for agroforestry systems

1052_North Macedonia_Fairpicture_03

June 2024 - Connexio develop

Leave no one behind – photo and video for ethical fundraising

Multimedia package for fundraising purposes taken in Strumica in North Macedonia

Learn more about Leave no one behind – photo and video for ethical fundraising


March 2024 - Swiss Re Foundation

Fairpicture in New York

Impact Story with photos and video about restoring oyster reefs to New York Harbor.

Learn more about Fairpicture in New York

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