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Fairpicture is your gateway to a global network of professional visual creators for ethical photography, video and research.


We believe in striking storytelling that fosters equal relationships between visual creators, portrayed individuals, clients, as well as the public and bringing cultural depth to narratives. With a strong focus on context and consent, we provide detailed metadata and delivering visual content that transcends expectations.


Explore Fairpicture and join us for an extraordinary journey, redefining the art of ethical visual content creation.


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Authentic stories from a dedicated network

Fairpicture functions as a facilitator for ethical photography, video production projects, and research. 

Through Fairpicture, you will have access to a fully vetted network of more than 180 professional visual creators and experts globally who are supported in conducting assignments from pre-production to invoicing. 

While our team of project managers act as facilitators, supervising the assignments and providing support to both our clients and our visual creators for the duration of the assignment.



Discover our Network
Selection of over 180 local photographers from over 60 countries who are part of the Fairpicture community.

Although I love to visit our fantastic water projects in the Global South, it makes so much more sense to employ creative people within those countries to support our storytelling while we make a contribution to the local economy and avoid unnecessary CO2 emissions.


Portrait Photo of Anne Bisgaard Christensen, Grundfos Foundation

Anne Bisgaard Christensen
Communications Manager
Grundfos Foundation, Denmark


A single source for your visual communications

At Fairpicture, we embrace a commitment to excellence, ensuring the highest quality from our visual creators, their deliverables, and the ethical standards upheld in storytelling and research outputs. 


This dedication takes shape in our meticulous pre-production meeting, where we delve into your project's requirements via the development of a comprehensive brief, and strict consent processes, as well as the control of invoiced fees and expenses. 


From your very first inquiry through our web-based online platform, Fairpicture supports you through all stages of the assignment from the brief, seamless delivery, and the hassle-free invoicing process, we're your unwavering support system, committed to your success.


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Screenshot of an assignment on the Fairpicture platform

Time saving and transparent workflow

Fairpicture has made substantial investments in developing a comprehensive user-friendly online platform that provides transparency and accessibility to all stakeholders engaged in the consultancy. To leverage this efficient online system, we follow the following steps:

  1. Submit a request including the basic parameters of the deliverables
  2. Receive directly a financial offer and portfolio of the selected visual creators prior work in line with your submitted project
  3. Sign the contract between the visual creator, Fairpicture and your organisation
  4. Follow a structured briefing process and invite local partners to collaborate if necessary
  5. Fairpicture’s project manager communicate with the visual creator the overall brief of the project, ensuring all aspects of the work are addressed, documented and understood.
  6. Fairpicture visual creator undertakes the assignment – either together with your team or your local country contact or alone.
  7. Regular check-ins between the visual creator and Fairpicture project manager are ensuring that projects are completed to full satisfaction and that changes to plans can be responded to quickly 
  8. All visual material is submitted via Fairpicture’s platform, checked for quality and consent by Fairpicture and delivered to your account to download.


Fairpicture Workflow

Ethical storytelling remains the core


Videos and photos are more than just illustrations. 


They bring to our attention people, places, and realities that we would otherwise be unaware of. Our goal is that fair pictures contribute to equal relationships between visual creators, portrayed people, clients, and the general public. 


Fairpicture visual creators narrate stories in the native tongue that are influenced by the culture and understanding of the community. In a complex world, we co-create new and innovative ways of ethical storytelling – toward a decolonised and fair picture.




Graphic of the lifecycle of a photo or video


Context and Consent are key


When you request photos or videos from Fairpicture you can be assure that you always receive your visual material with IPTC conform Metadata – giving you all details about origin and context of every single image of your project.  

For the consent of the people depicted, we developed the Fairpicture Consent App – the ultimate solution for our visual creators to seamlessly obtain informed consent from individuals captured in their photographs and videos, while adhering to the strict requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).



Graphic of the Fairpicture Consent App and Metadata

Curiosity and an openness to particular conditions and projects, together with a visual language that is likewise outstanding and consistent in our media presentation - this is what characterises our cooperation with Fairpicture and the local visual creators.


Portrait Photo of Katharina Kolano, Franziskaner Helfen

Katharina Kolano
PR & Fundraising
Franziskaner Helfen, Germany


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