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Selected blog posts


January 2021 - Pia Zanetti

Fairpicture as an interest broker between photographers and clients

Pia Zanetti explains her view on the role and responsibility of Fairpicture as an interest broker between photographers, clients and the public.


October 2021 - Jörg Arnold

Informed consent – The right to one’s own image

Informed Consent is essential to ensure the consent of the person photographed. Jörg Arnold writes on the right to one’s own image.


April 2023 - Jaìr F. Coll

How to talk about consent and Misery Porn?

Misery Porn still persists today in visual storytelling, reducing people to their condition of misery and stripping them of their humanity.

Case studies


February 2023 - Hasan Belal

Hope and reality after the earthquake

Fairpicture photographer Hasan Belal documented the consequences of the devastating earthquake in Syria in the form of photos and interviews.


March 2023 - Morena Pérez Joachin

Reporting & Reducing CO2

Best practice of a new semi-virtual production approach for a report documentation.


May 2022 - Saobora Narin

Humanitarian Mine Clearance

About the socio-economic impact of a demining process on the local population Battambang, Cambodia.

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