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Case Study: Axxent Masters in Tea


Client: Axxent Masters in Tea
Date: January 2022
Visual creator: Ruvin De Silva
Location: Colombo, Sri Lanka


Focusing on local approaches, strengthening local communities’ individual agency, keeping economic resources where they belong. Axxent Masters in Tea and Fairpicture share similar goals, which is why they chose to work with us when they launched the Tea of Life line in Dutch shops and supermarkets. The company collaborated with Fairpicture photographer and videographer Ruvin De Silva to make the brand imagery. The photos and video of the farms, factory and production were to be used for the Tea of Life packaging, website and social media promotion.  


Axxent Masters in Tea

Visual Creator

Ruvin De Silva


Local Supply Chains


Colombo, Sri Lanka


January 2022

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We have a local approach. Most brands took most of the work to Europe. This makes it more difficult for the local economies to develop further.

Axxent Masters in Tea


After all the processed tea arrives at the factory, the packaging starts. Hundreds of workers, state of the art machinery and beautiful patterns, labels and packages.

Client: Axxent Masters in Tea
Date: January 2022
Visual creator: Ruvin De Silva
Location: Colombo, Sri Lanka


Diseases transmitted by insects, such as malaria and sleeping sickness, are major health risks in countries in the Global South, both for humans and their livestock. This project is using an innovative method whereby the cattle are treated with an environmentally friendly insecticide and then used as decoys. This controls various disease vectors and protects both humans and livestock. In addition, the project works with a wide range of stakeholders from the health and veterinary sectors.


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Client: Axxent Masters in Tea
Date: January 2022
Visual creator: Ruvin De Silva
Location: Colombo, Sri Lanka


Instead of an ‘About Us’ site, Axxent Masters in Tea chose to have an ‘Our story’ page for Tea of Life, demonstrating their brand commitment to human experience and storytelling. In addition to using the images for their website, packaging and Instagram feed, the videos Ruvin made are used as a key feature in this page. 

The brand maintains that the stories of the individuals who make Tea of Life are vital in understanding the company and product. This shifts the focus from corporation to individual, aligning with the organisation’s goal to have a positive impact on everyday people. 

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