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Visual communication is changing: discriminatory and stereotypical images are getting increasingly challenged, rapid digitalization brings additional demands. New approaches and sensitivities are necessary to meet the needs of ethical and legally backed up visual communication. Fairpicture is here to support you in developing the appropriate knowledge, procedures and practices in your organisation.

All services are provided in English and German.

Get ready for successful assignments

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Are you planning an assignment in cooperation with visual creators from our global community? Fairpicture helps you establish the preconditions for ethical visual communication and define key success factors for your assignments.


What you get

Consultation before an assignment 
1-hour online meeting


  • Fair pictures in practice. Create a good briefing, prepare your assignments well, get ready for fair visual communication. We give you operational confidence so that you get ethical images for convincing campaigns and communication.
  • Risk assessment in visual communication. Visual communication involves potential risks for photographers, those photographed, your staff, and your organisation as whole. Learn how to use the Fairpicture Risk Assessment Tool for mitigating risk.

CHF 400.-*


*FREE if booked with Fairpicture assignment

Have your pictures and videos reviewed

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Stereotypical and discriminatory or fair and safe? Get a view from the outside and discover blind spots in your visual communication. Involving visual creators from different regional and cultural contexts, we analyse and provide feedback for your communications, campaigns, and visual content. We will advise you on the fair and safe production and use of your image catalogue.

What you get

Short review: How fair are our pictures? 

1,5h online workshop


  • You send us your pre-existing visual materials. 
  • Our consulting team checks them according to the requirements of a fair image.
  • In a short workshop, we discuss strengths and weaknesses of your current imagery according to the Fairpicture standards of a fair image. 
  • You gain knowledge about context, possible effects of your images, and impulses for strengthening your visual communication in ethical terms.


CHF 900.- 


In-depth review involving Fairpicture visual creators
Written review + 3,5h online workshop


  • You send us your pre-existing visual materials. 
  • Our consultancy team will review them together with professional Fairpicture photographers, drawing on different cultural contexts, perspectives, and interpretations. 
  • You get a detailed written review with insights on the possible effects of your images and strategies for strengthening your visual communication in ethical terms. 
  • We organise a workshop to discuss the results together with a Fairpicture visual creator.


CHF 4,800.-


Consulting and process facilitation

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Having fair pictures isn’t just ethical. It’s a strategic business decision.  Data legislation requires new ways of producing, storing, and using images. Align your visual communication with your organisational values and the demands of the global market. Tailored to your needs, we facilitate the process of change for ethical and safe visual communication, developing strategies and establishing procedures suitable for your organisation. We facilitate the process of change that allows you to comply with the demands for fair and safe visual communication in a global context.


What you get

  • Tailored to your needs and according to individual offer: 
  • Process facilitation
  • Strategy consulting and development
  • Workshops
  • Written guideline/report with strategies and tools

After a first (free of charge) briefing in order to clarify your demand and your expectations, we will provide you with a detailed offer. 

Depending on the specific needs of your organisation, we design an individual process of facilitating change, including consulting sessions, workshops, and written documents.

from CHF 9,500.-

Workshops and Training

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Your team wants to know more about fair visual communication? You want to use fair pictures but somehow always end up showing similar tropes? Suspect your visuals to be problematic? 
Whether you want to resolve entrenched thinking patterns, give a big push to your internal debates, or just learn something new that will benefit your organisation: we design a workshop according to your needs.


What you get

3,5h online workshop or
1-3 day training (online or in-person) tailored to your needs




  • “Make your pictures fair: Facilitating change in visual communication”
    So you want to produce secure, fair and safe pictures: but how does that work in practice? In our workshop, you develop your understanding of ethical visual practice and its many dimensions. Backed with theory but highly practical, this workshop provides you with backgrounds, frameworks, and strategies to make the images you produce, store, and use fair for everyone involved.


  • “Are non-stereotypical images even possible? Approaching ethical representation”
    One person’s stereotype might be another one’s experience. Yet what we see on an image is always a selection. And while an image can never cover the whole complexity of a human being, the images we choose have effect: on the person depicted, on our view of the world, and on our relationships with each other. Finding alternatives to stereotypical representation is not only the fair option; it is the far more interesting one. How can we make choices that minimise harm and why does this matter in visual communication? After attending this workshop, you will know how stereotypes work and how to avoid falling into classical traps.


  • “Put your money where your mouth is: Fair visual communication in fundraising”
    Poverty, deprivation, suffering: they are real, and projects working for change require funding. But: does fundraising really need to rely on stereotypical images of poor and deprived people? How can visual communication in campaigns and donation letters be more fair - to those depicted and those viewing the images? Align your visuals with your values. Strengthen the ethical substance of your fundraising campaigns to make them both: persuasive and ethical.


  • “How safe are your images? Handling data protection and compliance requirements”
    We are surrounded by big sounding buzzwords of the digital age: encryption, protection, regulation, algorithms… The specifics might sound technical but digitalization has ethical implications: the production, storage, and usage of images should not violate the rights of people depicted. Legal frameworks for data protection and compliance requirements are the basis for protection. In this talk, we introduce you to the demands of making your images safe and offer practical solutions.


  • “Better safe than sorry: Risk assessment in visual communication”
    Imagine having a photo taken that shows you in a vulnerable situation. The image circulates around the web. Imagine your situation changing to the better - or the worse. That old photo might pose a threat to your current life: your emotional well-being, your job, or even your physical safety. While not all risks can be excluded in visual communication, we have to mitigate risk as much as possible. Early risk assessment allows you to assess potential risks of your visual communication for photographers, those photographed, your staff, and your organisation as a whole. Understand the risks of visual communication and learn to minimise them with our Fairpicture Risk Assessment Tool.

from CHF 1,400.-


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Do you need an input at your general assembly or a keynote for a conference? Do you want to be at the forefront of current debates in the field of ethical visual communication? Enter the world of fair pictures.


Challenge stereotypes, understand the power of images, learn how to make images safe for all. Book our speakers for a talk. Be the talk of the town – and learn with us how to make fair pictures the new normal.


What you get

20-60’ talk (online or in-person) + discussion with audience


from CHF 1,000.-  


Leave us a message and receive a no-obligation quotation for your requested consulting or training service.

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