Communications Quick Review

Case Study: Welthungerhilfe, Germany

WHH-Annual Review Vizualisation-2022


The "Anti-Racism Visual Language Team" of the German non-governmental aid organisation Welthungerhilfe (WHH) requested Fairpicture to take a critical look at its imagery. We reviewed the following materials and discussed our findings in a short workshop with representatives of the WHH:

  • Welthungerhilfe's image guidelines
  • Annual Report 2021
  • Two examples of direct mail fundraising
  • A TV spot
  • Two exemplary websites

Recognizing the broader interest in the topic beyond the Anti-Racism Working Group, the client invited other colleagues involved in the selection of photos and videos for Welthungerhilfe's communication. Fairpicture’s external assessment serves as an initial evaluation, with further workshops involving internal and external participants planned for the future.


Welthungerhilfe (WHH)

Visual Creator

Fairpicture Consulting Team


Quick Review Communication Material




May 2023


During the workshop, one of the items discussed was the annual report by Welthungerhilfe from 2021. The participants examined representational patterns reflected in the report and explored alternative approaches to storytelling, considering how narratives could be presented differently.


Welthungerhilfe is a prominent NGO based in Germany that operates globally to combat hunger and poverty. Images and videos play a significant role for WHH and the organisation has a long history of utilising visual media. Aspiring change and challenging established structures and ideas, can be particularly challenging when they have been in place for an extended period of time.

That's where Fairpicture comes in, aiming to ask constructive questions while exploring possibilities for action and engaging in critical reflection together. Fairpicture understands the importance of supporting WHH in its journey towards more inclusive and impactful visual communication. WHH strives to navigate the complexities and facilitate meaningful change within the organisation's established frameworks.

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How to involve people more in project communication was an important question that emerged during the workshop. 

Image: George Ansah (left), Mina Antwiwaa (middle) and Bismark Domena (right), all cocoa farmers, take a selfie photo in Abakoase, Fanteakwa, Eastern Region of Ghana. November 12, 2021. ©Nipah Dennis/Fairtrade Germany/Fairpicture


During the 1.5-hour workshop, Fairpicture provided valuable insights into fair images and representation. The analysis of the submitted materials was thoroughly discussed among approximately 20 participants from WHH. 

The workshop was conducted digitally and recorded, which allows it to be shared further within the organisation. According to participants’ feedback, the workshop generated significant learnings for WHH representatives, and they engaged in exploring ways to achieve fairer representation. The workshop has shed light on the need for ongoing engagement and critical reflection on their imagery.

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Fairpicture deepens our sensitivity for appropriate and effective visual communication. We enjoyed the constructive and stimulating discussions.

Harald Düren
Head of Marketing Communication | Welthungerhilfe

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