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Fairpicture is a community and platform for visual creators.


Our purpose is to facilitate direct collaboration between clients and local visual creators in a way that is fair, efficient, simple and safe for all parties involved. As a Fairpicture visual creator, we will bring you commissions that are committed to fair representation and storytelling. As a company driven by a desire to improve the creative industry and our impact goals, we want to increase the market share of ethically and locally-sourced visual material. 


The Fairpicture community wants fair pictures to become the industry standard – together with you!

Collage of visual creators of the Fairpicture community

Selection of over 160 local photographers from over 60 countries who are already part of the Fairpicture community.


Get work. Save time.

Fairpicture pitches visual creators around the world to clients, giving you access to more assignments. 

Here’s how it works: Once you sign up on fairpicture.org, we’ll call you to discuss our potential collaboration in detail. If we’re a match, we’ll put your Fairpicture portfolio online. Once you’re ready to go, we propose your portfolio to clients who approach us looking for locally and ethically-produced visual stories

From the initial client request to final invoicing, we’ll save you time and money by taking care of the administrative work and by streamlining the production process.



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Screenshot of an assignment on the Fairpicture platform

Because of Fairpicture, I could reduce my amount of my workload by 50% compared to other assignments for the same compensation.


Portrait of Farhana Akther – 150px

Farhana Akther
Photographer and Videographer
Dahka, Bangladesh


Tools and processes designed to help you

Fairpicture isn’t a traditional creative agency. Instead, we provide tools and systems to support your work with clients, making sure you can maintain your voice and perspective. So, what does this look like? 

We promote you to our network of new and existing clients with regularly posted case studies and your personal Fairpicture portfolio. With the support of our platform and operations team, we facilitate easy and smooth communication between you and the client. What’s also key is we take responsibility when you need support, have questions, or if you need external mediation with customers. We are here for you. By working with us, you’ll have access to the Fairpicture infrastructure which helps enable fair and smooth processes for ethical storytelling. This includes tools like the Fairpicture Consent App, which is used to collect and manage informed consent from the people depicted in the images. 

Our community’s aim is to remove bureaucratic and logistical hurdles and enable what we actually strive for: a dignified way of interacting with each other. 


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Screenshot of visual creaotor portfolio overview and the Fairpicture consent app

It is always a pleasure to work with the Fairpicture team! Communication is great, fast response, you work and handle the project with care, making a safe space for a visual creator like me to work on a project, especially one that is challenging.


Portrait of Nyimas Laula

​​Nyimas Laula
Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia


Disbursement situation in Ghana | Photo: Nipah Dennis, 2021

Get your fair share

The impact of a photograph or a video goes beyond the visual: a fair picture should be fair to everyone involved in its production. This claim has the base assumption that Fairpicture also behaves fairly internally – and especially towards our visual creators. We are committed to negotiating fair working conditions for you and ensuring that you have enough time for your work so that you can focus on what you do best: visual storytelling.


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Photo: 2021 Abekoase, Ghana | Nipah Dennis / Fairtrade Germany / Fairpicture

Join us – with no obligations

That’s right: Fairpicture doesn’t charge visual creators any fees to sign up on our platform. We also do the portfolio work for you for free. Once we found a match for you with one of our clients, we charge a sliding fee based on your earnings with that specific client. Plus, we manage your reviews, contracts and payments, so that you never chase after a client for your money again.



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Fairpicture community map

I believe that photography is a medium to understand the reality in which our complex societies are immersed. I hope that my images will help to tell these historically marginalized stories with dignity and empathy.


Portrait of Camilo Freedman

Camilo Freedman
Photo- & Videographer
Mejicanos, El Salvador


What else Fairpicture offers

Visual creators in the network are involved in the Fairpicture’s development and evolution. Diverse and open organisations make better and more sustainable solutions. In order to focus the energy of the Fairpicture community, to get to know each other and to mutually benefit from our individual knowledge, we include the network whenever possible.

In addition to working on productions, visual creators are brought in to apply their expertise and provide consulting services. Fairpicture facilitates exchanges, organises exhibitions, and promotes visual creators' projects on our website and social media channels, when possible. The Fairpicture StoryLab serves as a platform for exchange, knowledge building and as a place to showcase various narratives. Contributions are compensated financially. Do you have an idea for a blog or a creator story? Send it over.

We regularly host forums and workshops to develop together. Additionally, regional community mentors are also available as coaches when you have more needs or questions. We also work with the network to develop products, such as Fairpicture Stock, to tailor your needs. As we grow, we are becoming a global movement. 

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You are just a click away from a fantastic network of mission driven visual creators and clients who are willing to change the visual industry together with us.

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