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Case Study: Biovision


Photo: Mutunga Al-Amin / Biovision / Fairpicture


To develop the cover story for their monthly magazine, Biovision collaborated with Fairpicture photographer Mutunga Al-Amin. Together with the Switzerland-based Biovision editor Florian Blumer, Mutunga travelled to southern Kenya, where their partner organisation, icipe, International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology, is conducting a participatory research project on new approaches to reduce diseases such as malaria and dengue fever. Mutunga's task was to share the story of participating farmers and staff with pictures and, together with Florian, to document their perspectives on the project.


Biovision – Foundation for Ecological Development

Visual Creator

Mutunga Al-Amin


Disease Prevention


Ukunda-Muhaka (Kwale), Kenya


October 2022


Staff member Suleiman Hamisi Mwaraka ties a cow to the peg, under a tent where it will spend the night. Its mission: to attract insects caught in the net.

Photo: Mutunga Al-Amin / Biovision / Fairpicture


Diseases transmitted by insects, such as malaria and sleeping sickness, are major health risks in countries in the Global South, both for humans and their livestock. This project is using an innovative method whereby the cattle are treated with an environmentally friendly insecticide and then used as decoys. This controls various disease vectors and protects both humans and livestock. In addition, the project works with a wide range of stakeholders from the health and veterinary sectors.

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This is one of those assignments that change how you view things! Thanks to my partner Florian and the scientists that we worked closely together, I understood the processes and was able to tell the story right in my frame.

Mutunga Portrait

Mutunga Al-Amin, Visual Creator, Kenya

Ethical photo and video productions

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For Dr Margaret Mendi Njoroge, researcher at Biovision's project partner icipe in Kenya, there is no doubt: "Participation is the way of the future." She leads this pioneering research project, which Fairpicture photographer Mutunga Al-Amin visited for this assignment.

Photo:  Mutunga Al-Amin / Biovision / Fairpicture


The images by Mutunga were used in a variety of ways, including for social media posts and the organisation's newsletter, but above all they served as a central element for the cover story of the December issue of Biovision Magazine. Together with Florian’s text, they formed a print story, which was used to inspire further donations to support the success of the project. 


Mockup of the cover story of Florian Blumer and Mutunga Al-Amin for the Biovision magazine

Photo:  Mutunga Al-Amin / Biovision / Fairpicture


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