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Case Study: Johnny Cashew

Man shows opened cashew to camera


Johnny Cashew is an impact-driven brand with a track record of innovation. Whether reducing CO2 emissions in their supply chain by 57%, rethinking nut and seed processing or developing a strong brand identity, the company wanted to take a new approach in their visual communications as well. To co-create a new brand video as efficiently and equitably as they do in with their cashews, the Dutch company got in contact with Fairpicture. 


We teamed them up with Tanzanian videographer Amini Suwedi, who travelled to Mikoma and took footage and conducted interviews with the farmers. The material was intended to communicate the results of the Living Income Project to Johnny Cashew’s consumers, which included being incorporated in a video for the supermarket, Lidl.


Johnny Cashew

Visual Creator

Amin Suwedi


Cashew Production – Living Income – Fairtrade


Mikoma Village, Kilwa district, Tanzania


October 2022


The footage is amazing and we will use it in various ways in the future. Everything was facilitated in a sound manner, which helped us to achieve this end result.

Cappi Wefers
Cashew Impactor | Johnny Cashew

potrait shot of cashew farmer


Despite being one of the largest producers of cashews globally, most of Africa’s cashews are exported raw to countries like Vietnam and India for further processing. The reason is claimed to be more advanced mechanized capabilities, which makes it cheaper to export instead of processing them locally. Johnny Cashew, however, shells locally and, as a result, the cashews can be shipped to Europe directly from Tanzania. This means lower CO2 emissions and less environmental impact. 


In collaboration with Fairtrade and Lidl Netherlands, Johnny Cashew also recently presented the first study on the farmer’s living income for the Living Income Project. A living income means having the financial means for education, housing, healthcare and transport, as well as savings for unexpected expenses, such as a medical event. Amini Suwedi met the cashew farmers who Johnny Cashew is working with towards this poverty-free cashew supply chain. 

Client: Johnny Cashew
Date: October 2022
Visual creator: Amini Suwedi
Location:  Mikoma Village, Kilwa district, Tanzania

Drone shot of village and cashew crops on the ground

Client: Johnny Cashew
Date: October 2022
Visual creator: Amini Suwedi
Location:  Mikoma Village, Kilwa district, Tanzania


Not only do the Mikoma cashews have a lower carbon footprint by travelling 12,000 kilometres less than their counterparts, so does the video footage that explains their production. With Amini, Johnny Cashew continued their commitment to lowering their carbon footprint and still received authentic, powerful images.


Edited with interviews of selected stakeholders in the Netherlands, a video portrait of the Living Income Project initiative was co-created. The results were published on various social media platforms, including LinkedIn, bringing Johnny Cashew, Amini and the farmers of Mikoma the attention they deserve.

Screenshots of the final video “Johnny Cashew x Fairtrade Nederland x Lidl” 

Video Tanzania:  Amini Suwedi / Johnny Cashew / Fairpicture


What I enjoyed about this project and others like this through Fairpicture is traveling to remote areas and meeting new faces being involved in their day to day activities. Following the farmers' journey with cashew from collection, processing to storage was a highlight for this project. It really helps me appreciate and put a face on what I only consumed as a product on a shelf.

Amini Suwedi 
Photographer, Filmmaker | Tanzania

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