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Case Study: Talk to Loop®

Screenshot of the film "Make All Our Voices Count: a film about Loop in communities" with Balsie Enoc in the portait


The British aid organisation Talk to Loop® (formerly OurLoop Stichting) developed their own patent pending Interactive Voice Response and Reply (IVRR) technology, which makes it easier for people, regardless of their literacy or preferred language, to raise their voices and inform decision-making by giving their feedback to humanitarian services they receive services from. Loop reached out to Fairpicture to produce a documentary focused on how the creation and implementation of this technology in real-world situations. 


We put together a production team, without the need for international travel, including filmmaker Patrick Kohl and local cinematographer  Alecs Ongcal in the Philippines, and Faaris Adam and Ismail Abdihakim in Somalia. In close consultation with the client, the script and production schedule were developed and work on "Make All Our Voices Count: a film about Loop in communities" began.


Talk to Loop®  (OurLoop Stichting)

Visual Creators

Alecs Ongcal, Jason Trinidad, Faaris Adam, Ismail Abdihakim and Patrick Kohl


Communication and technology


Bohol (Philippines), Galmudug (Somalia) 


June - November 2022

World map with marker on Somalia and the Philippines.
Screenshot of the film "Make All Our Voices Count: a film about Loop in communities" with a drone shot


Featuring local participants and filmed by local cinematographers, the eight-minute film demonstrates the impact of Loop's technology on two very different communities in crisis., 


Following Typhoon Odette in the Philippines, communities used Loop to send messages asking for assistance, which Loop was then able to use to broker local NGOs, including Ecoweb.In Somalia, in the long, slow, and devastating drought crisis, the Loop platform allows people in refugee camps to explain their needs to the aid agencies supporting the refugee infrastructure.


After the local filming days in the two respective countries, post-production began. Directed remotely by Patrick, the production team of Alecs,videographer, and Jason Trinidad,video editor, completed the film from the Philippines.

Client: Talk To Loop
Date: June - November 2022
Visual creator: Alex Ongcal
Location:  Bohol (Philippines)

Client: Talk to Loop
Date: June - November 2022
Visual creators: Alecs Ongcal, Jason Trinidad, Faaris Adam, Ismail Abdihakim 
Producer: Patrick Kohl
Locations: Bohol (Philippines), Galmudug (Somalia) 


The film was premiered on YouTube in March 2023 with a digital follow-up discussion after the release, creating a standalone promotional event for the organisation. As planned, the film is now also a central element on the Loop website and in their communication strategy. The film was one of the largest projects Fairpicture has ever taken on, and we are proud that it demonstrated two core beliefs:  trust in local visual creators is worth it and that Fairpicture’s speciality is remote video productions in the Global South with beautiful results. We’re looking  forward to future productions of a similar nature – no matter where.


Thank you so much for this. The final film looks amazing. We are delighted with it.

Simon Middleton
Business & Communications Lead | Talk To Loop® 

Slideshow with screenshots of the final video “Make All Our Voices Count
Visual creators Philippines: Alecs Ongcal and Jason Trinidad
Visual creators Somalia: Faaris Adam and Ismail Abdihakim
Producer: Patrick Kohl

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