United against climate change

The coffee producers of the Bukonzo Organic Farmers Cooperative Union (BOCU) in Uganda feel the effects of climate change every day. They are actively committed to more biodiversity and the careful use of natural resources. BOCU focuses on organic farming and sustainability in its coffee production at the foot of the Rwenzori Mountains.

BOCU is part of COFFEE FOR FUTURE. This initiative, launched by EZA Fairer Handel , combines the sale of organic fair trade Arabica highland coffee from smallholder cooperatives in Mexico and Uganda with the promotion of climate protection measures. This way it advocates a climate-friendly and socially responsible future.


EZA Fairer Handel


September 2021


Esther Ruth Mbabazi


Uganda, Kasese


Because climate change also keeps Esther Ruth Mbabazi busy in her photographic work, she has a particularly keen eye for it.


Client: EZA Fairer Handel
Date: September 2021
Photographer: Esther Ruth Mbabazi
Location: Uganda, Kasese

Reliable trade relations

Coffee beans from the cooperative's farmers are received at the Bukonzo Organic Farmers Cooperative in Kasese, Uganda.

In addition to higher prices for their coffee and direct, reliable trade relations, the smallholder families of BOCU are supported in their commitment by a climate premium from EZA Fairer Handel. This premium enables, for example, the construction of wood-saving stoves. In a region threatened by deforestation and where at the same time mainly open fire is used for cooking, these stoves bring many advantages. Significantly less wood is needed for cooking, which is good for the environment. In addition, wood-saving stoves produce less smoke, which protects the health of smallholder families. 


The visit

Fairpicture photographer Esther Ruth Mbabazi visited BOCU in September 2021. There she met, among others, Harriet (32). Harriet, mother of six children, is an organic coffee farmer of BOCU in the village of Kanyabusogho. She joined the cooperative after hearing from other farmers about the collective benefits of growing in a cooperative. Since joining BOCU, she has been growing organically and has thus achieved better prices for her coffee.

Client: EZA Fairer Handel

Date: September 2021

Photographer: Esther Ruth Mbabazi

Location: Uganda, Kasese


Working with organic farming is safer for the plants, for my children and for the whole region.

Harriet, organic coffee farmer of BOCU

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