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Budaka, Uganda. A health centre, a school, a children’s home and more – all of them social projects supported by Franziskaner Helfen. Topics ranging from education to health to agriculture. Capturing people's everyday lives, but also carefully portraying the projects themselves. That was the challenge Esther Ruth Mbabazi met when she went to Budaka – with the aim of obtaining photographs for print booklets, fundraising appeals and social media channels.


Franziskaner Helfen

Visual creator

Esther Ruth Mbabazi


January 2022


Budaka, Uganda


Fairpicture is committed to ensuring that visual creators are given as much freedom as possible in the briefings so that they can develop their full creative potential.


A student posing on her tricycle in front of St. Claire Girls Boarding and Day Primary School in Budaka. Some of the children from St. Francis Cheshire Children's Home also go to this school.

©Esther Ruth Mbabazi/ Franziskaner Helfen/ Fairpicture

A variety of projects

Forty-two children live at St. Francis Cheshire Children's Home, Budaka. The children who live there suffer from various illnesses. The home received support from Franziskaner Helfen in the form of equipment and mobility aids such as tricycles, wheelchairs, walkers and crutches. The home also received hand washing facilities and water tanks.


Customized support

This picture shows Sr. Margaret, home administrator at St. Francis Cheshire Children’s Home, assisting a child. She says: “It was often difficult for the children to move around. But now their friends can help them, and some of them can move around independently. This has helped the children to participate in many activities.”

The Sisters' Convent in Budaka has received support from Franziskaner Helfen for a solar system that they use for light, TV, radio, and charging cell phones. The solar system helps especially when the power goes out.

©Esther Ruth Mbabazi/ Franziskaner Helfen/ Fairpicture


Dear Esther, we really like your style and portfolio. Please feel free to work in your own style, capture the scenes and moments as you feel like they should be captured.

Cited from project brief


The sisters and students use the solar system for online meetings and charging laptops. It has helped them to save on the electricity cost.

©Esther Ruth Mbabazi/ Franziskaner Helfen/ Fairpicture

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