Working with Fairpicture

What are the advantages for you, a visual creator, to work through Fairpicture?

We know that as the professionals you are, you don't need Fairpicture to get the job done. The basis for our cooperation is not dependence, but mutual benefit; together we are stronger. With this said, we believe there are many reasons why it is beneficial for you as a visual creator to work through Fairpicture:

  • Fairpicture saves you time and money by taking care of the administrative back-work and by streamlining the production process. You do not have to worry about a contract with the customer and other paperwork.
  • We do marketing for you. Your portfolio on our platform and our direct distribution channels to clients make it easier for you to get assignments.
  • Through our platform processes, we provide an easy communication platform between you and the client and simple processes and tools for uploading the visual material. 
  • We take responsibility when you need support, have questions, and if you need mediation in contact with customers. Our project and account managers support visual creators and facilitate simplified workflows.
  • We are committed to negotiating fair working conditions for you and ensuring that you have enough time for your work so that you can focus on what you do best: visual storytelling.
  • Fair pictures respect the rights of those depicted. Informed consent is a must. Our Fairpicture Consent App makes this process easier for you. 

We recognize you as a vital part of Fairpicture: we involve you in the design of Fairpicture, include you in decisions through our community and support your individual work through the future Fairpicture foundation. 


What is the benefit to you if you get your preexisting clients to work with Fairpicture?

If you bring clients of yours to us and get them to work with you through Fairpicture, you’ll get an extra 15% of your daily fee for the assignment. We don’t have acquisition costs, so you get more money. 

We promote you in our networks, bringing you new clients you may not have reached otherwise, and you support Fairpicture by getting your networks and clients to work with Fairpicture. In the long run, this will create a steady flow of assignments and income for you from a growing community of organisations and companies that are changing how they approach visual communication.  

Supporting each other, we make fair and compliant visual communication the new normal. With patience and commitment, together we will change visual communication. 


What if you get a client who pays more than the regular Fairpicture fee to work through Fairpicture?

Bear in mind that at Fairpicture, your travel days, expenses and post-production are compensated. If the fee your client pays is still higher than ours even after this full cost calculation, please direct your offer directly to our sales team so that we can negotiate an appropriate offer that benefits us all. In this case, Fairpicture takes a share of 15 percent from the fee. Our goal is to fundamentally change the industry and ensure that visual creators are paid fairly. If we see the potential for our rates to increase and to apply collective bargaining for all visual creators in our network, we will.