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Your access to local photographers and video journalists. professional. fast. fair.

A global Network of local visual creators

Wherever your projects are: the Fairpicture visual creators are already on site. We maintain a global network of experienced local photographers and video journalists who know what makes a good story.

Simple and uncomplicated processes

We share a passion for photography. And we keep processes simple. You tell us where and when you need visual stories and what is important to you. We suggest a photographer or a video journalist - and take care of everything else. Challenge us with short-term assignments.

Professional photographs and videos

High-quality and touching pictures and videos - we don't want the ordinary, but the memorable and authentic. This is what we are looking for, together with the local visual creators and you. A mix of up-and-coming talents and experienced professionals in our network of visual creators offers the best starting point for this. 

Fair by

Fair prices

The image creators receive a fair fee, also for travel days and postproduction. The clients save long-distance travel costs and expenses. 

Fair and save

The safety of the image creators is important to us. They receive assistance from Fairpicture and a security briefing from the client. 

Fair for the photographed

Our Code of Conduct is binding and the consent of those being photographed is mandatory.

Fair for the environment

The local image creators are already on site. This saves long flights and reduces your ecological footprint.

Stories that matter


Morocco, Marrakesh

The Swiss feminist organisation cfd ensures that sex workers in Marocco have easy access to good medical care and counselling. The photographer Lamia Naji spent two days taking photographs at the Chams women's shelter in Marrakech. Strict anonymity to protect the women was the top priority.