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Case Study: Foundation myclimate


Photo: Josemarie Nyagah/Foundation myclimate/Fairpicture


In the Siaya district in north-western Kenya, people traditionally cook on open fires, which require large quantities of firewood. However, thanks to community savings and loan groups, the women can now afford more efficient stoves. This reduces the demand for firewood and protects the forests, which leads to a reduction in CO₂ emissions.

myclimate approached Fairpicture to capture authentic stories of the people involved in this project. They were looking for a local photographer to document the impact of this change in the form of photos and interviews.


Foundation myclimate

Visual Creator

Josemarie Nyagah


Climate Protection


Siaya, Kenya


November 2023


View over the open landscape of Siaya County, Kenya.

Photo: Josemarie Nyagah/Foundation myclimate/Fairpicture


Households in the project area cook with a traditional three-stone fireplace and burn large quantities of firewood in a very inefficient way, which has a significant impact on deforestation in the region.

The efficient cookstoves are built from local materials and reduce firewood consumption by around 40-50 percent, which also reduces the burden of collecting firewood and eases the burden on households' fuel purchase budgets. The cleaner and more efficient combustion also reduces harmful smoke emissions and significantly improves indoor air quality.

myclimate supports, develops and monitors this project, which is run by the local organization Tembea.


Vincent Oduor (34) is a cookstove artisan with Tembea in Siaya County, Kenya. He has been a lead artisan for 10 years. In that time he has trained over 50 artisans. His work has enabled him to build his home and purchase farm equipment.

Photo:  Josemarie Nyagah / Foundation myclimate / Fairpicture

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Thank you for your great job, Josemarie. The photos are nice, the interviews very informative – all in all very professional together with consents and helpful descriptions of each picture. One can see that you really tried to follow the myclimate photo guidelines. Very much appreciated!


Angela Zimmermann
Senior Manager Communication and Fundraising
Foundation myclimate


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Alice Nabwire (32) is a cookstove artisan with Tembea in Siaya County, Kenya. Pictured here, she is installing a cookstove at one of her client’s homes. In a day, Alice can make two cookstoves, each paying her KSH 700 (around EUR 8). Alice has been more financially independent through this work, enabling her to pay school fees and buy home goods.

Photo: Josemarie Nyagah/Foundation myclimate/Fairpicture


Alice is installing a cookstove at one of her client’s homes.

Photo: Josemarie Nyagah/Foundation myclimate/Fairpicture

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Thank you Angela and Fairpicture for this wonderful assignment and to be involved in the transformative work of myclimate!


Josemarie Nyagah

Visual Creator, Kenya 


Francisca Adhiambo (71) stands outside her home. She has been a recipient of the Tembea Cookstove and member of the Community Savings and Loaning  groups in Siaya County, Kenya. She has played a number of roles in the CSL such as charlady and treasurer. Projects with Tembea have enabled Francisca to support herself and her grandchild that she takes care of by herself. She has managed to acquire number of assets for her home from her savings groups such as furniture and a cow.

Photo:  Josemarie Nyagah / Foundation myclimate / Fairpicture


Embarking on this pioneering collaboration between myclimate and Fairpicture has been an enlightening journey, filled with valuable insights. We've discovered the immense benefits of a meticulously planned schedule, ensuring ample time with our protagonists. 

The outcomes of this collaboration have been highly positive. myclimate is eager to integrate this extensive collection of visual material across all communication platforms, including their website as welle as upcoming presentations, brochures, annual reports, and more. 

This partnership not only marks a significant achievement in our journey but also paves the way for future projects to deliver even more impactful and engaging results.

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