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Case Study: Alce Nero



Fairpicture has successfully completed various assignments for fair trade organisations during the last years. What was special about this project was that Fairtrade Italy teamed up with one of their clients: Alce Nero, a market-leading company that involves farmers in the entire organic farming production process. Together they approached Fairpicture to tell the story of the Peruvian co-operative Norandino, which speaks of redemption, liberation and fairness.

Our clients specifically wanted to work with two visual creators from our network for this project: Ángela Ponce and Omar Beltrán. The two already proved in 2021 with the Peruvian episodes of the award-winning web series "Farmer - Fighting the Global Crisis" that they are able to deeply connect with fair trade farmers and create inspiring visual stories.


Alce Nero and Fairtrade Italy

Visual Creator

Ángela Ponce and Omar Beltrán


Fair & Organic Farming/Trade


Piura, Peru


June 2023


View of the sugar cane plots of the NorAndino agrarian cooperative in Montero, Peru.

Photo: Ángela Ponce / Alce Nero & Fairtrade Italy / Fairpicture


The history of the Italian company Alce Nero begins with the idea that organic agriculture is changing the world for the better. With this conviction, two Italian cooperatives joined forces at the end of the 1970s. Today, forty years later, over 1000 organic farmers, beekeepers and cultivators belong to the group's network. 

One of their members is Norandino, a Peruvian cooperative for small farmers who own an average of three hectares of land. They grow organic coffee on around half of their land, cocoa, fruit and sugar cane on the rest. The farming families live in northwestern Peru.

The Fairtrade-certified organisation has taken measures to support its members in coping with the negative effects of climate change. At the production level, Norandino selected plant varieties that are more resilient and less susceptible to pests and diseases. 

Innovative technologies are being used to make irrigation systems more efficient despite severe droughts. In addition, production is diversified so as not to be too dependent on one product. Training courses on climate change and methods to combat it are organised for small producers.


Lidia Tello (l), Aide Niño (c) and Iris Merino (r), farmers and members of the NorAndino agrarian cooperative work in the sugar cane plots in Montero, Peru.

Photo:  Ángela Ponce / Alce Nero & Fairtrade Italy / Fairpicture

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We are very happy with the outcome. The images are beautiful and Anna from Fairpicture really supported us from start to end.

Silvana Carbone

Creative designer 

Alce Nero, Italy

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Santiago Paz, Commercial Manager of the NORANDINO agricultural cooperative poses for a portrait in Piura, Peru.

Photo:  Ángela Ponce / Alce Nero & Fairtrade Italy / Fairpicture

“Se dici Bio, dici Giusto: Zucchero, Cacao e Caffè.”– “If you say Organic, you say Right: Sugar, Cocoa and Coffee.”– Short video documentary about Norandino and its Commercial Director: Santiago Paz. 

About his works Santiago says, that “the most important satisfaction it gives us is the possibility of helping many people. It is important that the consumer knows that the impact of fair trade is not a localized impact, it is not a small impact, but has repercussions on the entire economy of our country.”

Video:  Omar Beltrán / Alce Nero & Fairtrade Italy / Fairpicture

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Fairpicture's strength lies in the fact that we are committed to a mission that enables seamless collaboration from a distance. Together we overcome obstacles and are always amazed at the results that emerge from such co-creation processes.


Anna von Sury

Project Manager

Fairpicture, Switzerland


Claudia Vasquez, responsible for the reforestation project of the NORANDINO agricultural cooperative, poses for a portrait in Montero, Peru.

Photo:  Ángela Ponce / Alce Nero & Fairtrade Italy / Fairpicture


Under the skilled project management of Anna, who adeptly navigated the complexities of this assignment, Ángela and Omar successfully captured Norandino's story. 

The result can now be discovered on Alce Nero's website, where the client has created a complete section with all the visual material from the assignment, including Omar's video documentary with Santiago Paz, Norandino's commercial director, Ángela's artistic black and white photographs, as well as interviews with other members of the cooperative and extensive photo spreads of the production, all of which were part of the assignment. 

In addition, Fairtrade Italy will use the photos and video reels for their institutional communication channels such as magazines, social media and their website. 


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