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Case Study: Naturland

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Photo: Fabrice Mbonankira / Naturland / Fairpicture


The famous German farmers association for organic farming was looking for a partner to realise and co-create a video in remote production which should highlight and promote their approach of agroforestry-based organic coffee farming.

After Fairpicture won the tender we started to build a team for the production in Burundi as well as in Tanzania. Naturland provided an elaborated script from which the visual creators, especially Loic and Fabrice, started the work on the story.

As originally planned the team started in Bujumbura with an expert-interview and then travelled to Gitega region and Rumonge province in order to visit and learn from coffee farmers who already switched their farming practices according to the Naturland principles.


Naturland – Association for Organic Farming e.V.

Visual Creators

Fabrice Mbonankira (Photography), Loïc Niyonkuru (Cinematography), Mirambo Paul (2nd Camera)


Agroforestry-based organic coffee farming


Bujumbura, Gitega region and Rumonge province (Burundi), Moshi (Tanzania)


June 2024


Photo: Fabrice Mbonankira / Naturland / Fairpicture


Coffee is the most important raw material traded throughout the world. But the global coffee production is threatened by the climate crisis: Weather extremes and increasing pests and diseases are making harvests less and less predictable.

Coffee originates from the subtropical forest eco-systems of the Ethiopian highlands, where it grows under the shade of a variety of trees. Naturland’s concept of agroforestry systems is based on this, but adapted for modern production requirements and for specific local eco-systems.

Growing coffee in agroforestry systems has many benefits for the farmers such as high quality coffee, better biodiversity, soil health & natural pest control, carbon sequestration & reduced carbon footprint as well as shade trees, which provide wood and supplementary crops, which reduces the farmers’ dependency.

The example of Hakizimana Melancecan, an organic coffee farmer from Gitega, Burundi, and his coffee co-operative federation COCOCA (see video below) shows just how amazing a farm using such practices can look. Naturland has been assisting the Burundian coffee co-operative since 2014 in converting to agroforestry-based organic coffee production.


Photo: Fabrice Mbonankira / Naturland / Fairpicture

Naturland – Coffee Promition Video

Director of Photography (DoP): Loïc Niyonkuru
2nd Camera: Mirambo Paul

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Organizing the filming in Burundi and Tansania was challenging. Thankfully, the creative team on site was very professional and flexible, and kept in close contact with us during the crucial phase of the project. My favorite part of the material is the impressive portrait of the coffee farmer.


Hannah von Bloh

International member communication


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Photo: Fabrice Mbonankira / Naturland / Fairpicture

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This project has been very revealing for me in terms of our humanity in the face of environmental protection and preservation. Through the execution of this amazing assignment, I received a kind of reminder that man and nature will be intimately linked and this is the best thing on this earth.


Fabrice Mbonankira
Fairpicture Visual Creator


Photo: Fabrice Mbonankira / Naturland / Fairpicture


Even when it was quite a challenge to manage the three different production countries (Burundi, Tanzania and Rwanda) at the same time the Fairpicture team around Fabrice and especially Loïc managed to achieve all objectives.

The most important common goal was to finalise the promotional video by the end of June to present it at Naturland's Organic Coffee Summit, while the photos were already being used for communication on the client's website and newsletter.

Besides, the client received additional subtitles to present the video also in German as well as some of the raw video-footage in order to work with the material afterwards on their own.


Photo: Fabrice Mbonankira / Naturland / Fairpicture

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