Visual Storytelling for Organic Food

A case study on the International Trade Centre ITC

The International Trade Centre ITC is a multilateral agency for world trade with a joint mandate from the World Trade Organisation (WTO) and the United Nations (UN). Their team needed a freelance photographer and videographer to be involved in creating a multimedia feature about Pasciolco Agri Ventures, a company that produces organic coconut products. The assignment was for a people-based story, accompanied by photographs and a short video, showing Pasciolco Agri Ventures’ history, challenges, and successes.


International Trade Center ITC

Visual creator

Alecs Ongcal


Coconut manufactory


Philippines, Quezon


November 2021


Great briefs build trust and clarity


Chemist Maureen Pasciolco started her business in 1996. The growth of the company has uplifted the farming community, with children now focusing on education instead of worrying about meals. 

©Alecs Oncal/ International Trade Center/ Fairpicture

Their expectations

Waqas Rafique, the project lead at ITC, developed an accurate but open brief. Here is an excerpt: “Close shots of Maureen show her in her office, then looking at the process in the factory, photographs of factory workers, photographs of packaged products on which labels can be read. On the farm, take dignified photos of farmers at work.” This succinct description gave visual creator Alecs Ongcal clarity on the types of images needed. 


Building connection

The company, which started 25 years ago with a simple production facility on a coconut farm, now exports 50% of its products to international markets. At first, this seemed unattainable. But with her entrepreneurial spirit, Maureen Pasciolco has made it happen. “Be open-minded and be guided by organisations that can help you grow further,” Maureen advises today. We at Fairpicture took note of her advice. 

Paolo M. has watched his family harvest coconut sap since he was a child. Today, he is a skilled and nimble worker on the farm who can move quickly across the bamboo bridges between the coconut trees. More than 100 farmers are contracted with Pasciolco Agri Ventures.
©Alecs Oncal/ International Trade Center/ Fairpicture


We work with Fairpicture because of their ability to engage local talents in various regions of the world, with a check on quality and coordination carried out in Switzerland.

Waqas Rafique, Public Information Officer, International Trade Centre ITC


Maureen Pasciolco in her factory shop. She is working to strengthen her brand, Quezon’s Best, turning it into a household name by capturing markets from North Luzon to Mindanao.

©Alecs Oncal/ International Trade Center/ Fairpicture

Why work with locals

For the International Trade Centre, cooperating with Fairpicture is a promise for the future: “Our clients have been impressed with the quality of the material. We receive top quality content, delivered on time,” says Waqas from ITC. In describing Fairpicture’s services, he went on to say, “This is a rare combination of local and international talent that promises a spectacular product.”

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